Mar 27, 2010


MysticVirgo67 is one of the best, if not the best, astrologist I have encountered! Dead on with his readings! Accurately insightful!



March 22nd, 2010

Thanks for the forecast ……unfortunatly for me I shrugged it off thinking it will be just another Tuesday even after you said to be careful and to remain calm. But calm I wasn’t when that car sideswipped me – you guessed it – on Tuesday. OK next time taking heed of the mystic!

Raine O’Keeffe @Raine_OK


2010/03/27 at 3:53pm

Wow what can I say. The reading you gave me was spot on.
Especially the bit about a little irritations becoming a full on rage!

I hope your right and that it will pass, before my poor laptop bears the brunt of this inner rage. – lol

I’d advice everyone to ask you for a reading, as you just this uncanny knack of hitting the nail on the head.

Love and hugs
Liz x @Stimpsoncorner

Submitted on 2010/03/19 at 12:28pm

It was good and amazing to hear about my future.. And it is very much helpfull for me to tune my career in a right way… Thank u so much MYSTIC man… I love u


 Submitted on 2010/03/12 at 7:16pm


Nice work. I really enjoyed it and did get some insight about my edginess today. Thanks.

K.Grammer @Kelsey_Grammer

Mahalo, my magic, miracle making mentor!

Melding souls, melting hearts, making your impact needed by our world, is only part of your plethora of gifts~power to positively prove *LOVE* is the answer. Love *YOU* as you so readily help, heal, humorously, with heart. The hearth~home grown feelings of centering you bring~help most bringing hope.

May you, and all whom you reach, feel, be blessed by your gifts, earth angel. It is my warmest wish for our world’s wonders coming to fruition within each of us, feeling with gratitude, our abundance, wealth, health, happiness, hope, healing blessings abundantely enveloping, embracing all who read your blog, experientially empowered by this, and all coming from you via Twitter, through your podcasting, via phone and in person contact. My heart upon first experiencing you KNEW you are creation’s good gift, a soul so sensitive, seeking best.

Aloha nui loa … blessings … Namaste!

Zna AKA @ZnaTrainer



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  2. Nancy says:

    I have been communicating with MysticVirgo67 for several years now on Twitter. We connected because MysticVirgo is supportive and insightful. His readings were spot on and accurate. He has a gift that he openly shares. If I had a 1% lifestyle, I would hire MysticVirgo as my full-time guide through the rest of my life’s journey. If you haven’t talked to him, read his blog, had a reading, had him do your charts, then you are truly missing out on an amazing individual.

    Namaste, Anthony!

    • Mystic_Virgo67 says:

      Okay Nancy I have idea :D you have had time to play with the blog interface yet? I have mission for you if we know if you have posting and editing of content… Here is my goal over the next few weeks : Removal and replacement of dead links in the musical zodiac pages then I will show you my astrological formula for the theming concepts and then work on adding the planetary music video themes for the planets

  3. Tami says:

    An Extraordinary Intuitive Astrologer, MysticVirgo67 is generous of his time and energy to examine overt and subtle aspects, to provide accurately insightful guidance. It is with Much Gratitude that my Life Journey has drawn and welcomed his support. Refreshing and clear information, that is well-grounded in reality.
    Tami, Medical Herbalist

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